Ladies’ Blouse #0219

As this pattern did not have any instructions, I chose to do it in some ugly (free!) fabric.  I also opted to use dark thread so that I could see where to rip seams, which I knew I’d have to do frequently!  I had trouble with one of the pieces not printing correctly.  As this was one with a “slash on this line” designation on the largest piece (between 29 & 30), I made do.  Other than that, I had no trouble cutting the pattern pieces out of fabric.  It was obvious how each one fit together by using the numbers and common sense.  I sewed the small pleats with no problem.  However, the underarm seams and the two seams on the front and back refused to lay flat.  I also had trouble with figuring out the collar.  I “fudged” it and sewed it down, as I didn’t want to deal with buttonholes and making it detachable, as I was not making this to wear myself.


Overall, I think this blouse did turn out better than I’d expected and if the pattern wasn’t so small, I might make one in fashion fabric for myself.  I’m not good at altering patterns up and down.

Fit:  34″ bust with narrow shoulders; would probably be an XS/S in modern clothing

Alterations to fit me:  I did not do alterations

Changes I’d like in the pattern:   The pattern pieces themselves were fine, other than the problem described above.  Also, the bottom pieces of the blouse and the bottom of the sleeves did not quite match up.  I had to square them up in order to put in a hem.

Changes in instructions:   It would be nice to HAVE some instructions, especially dealing with the detachable collar and how to finish off the bottom of the shirt and how/where to do closures.  I did not do any closures.

Description of techniques used:  Pleating; sewing squared-off seams; calls for buttonholes, but I didn’t attempt them.

My sewing level:  Self-taught – intermediate on a good day!

Sewing level for this pattern:  Intermediate without instructions; advanced beginner with instructions.


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